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Ronald Reach

Myofacial-Release Expert

I began studying massage therapy in 1989 at Atlanta School of Massage where I learned Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. I used these techniques for several years to treat friends and family.

In 2001, I went back to massage school, this time to Rising Spirit Institute in Dunwoody, Georgia. It was there where I first learned about Myofascial-Release (MFR), and about the world-class teacher, John F. Barnes, who developed Myofascial-Release Therapy in the early 1970’s.

I began my studies with Barnes in 2005. First taking seminars in Atlanta, I pursued Barnes’ teachings for four more years, traveling to Philadelphia, Detroit, Myrtle Beach, and Sedona, Arizona.

This technique has affected my life in profound ways. The first time I had a client with long-term pain and was able to help them using MFR, I felt right at home! Every session is a new learning experience, and as Barnes says, I “approach each session with the curiosity of a cat.” I look forward to sharing Myofascial-Release techniques with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

In the various forms of “traditional” massage, the goal is to relax the muscles and also detoxify the body, reducing stress, improving general health, and providing a temporary relief from pain. However, non of these forms of massage seeks to alter and change the structure of the connective tissue, AKA: Fascia. Massage does a wonderful job at relaxing the muscles, but until the underlying dysfunctional fascia is healed, the chronic problems quite often will return time and time again, even with constant massage. Myofascial-Release (MFR) is the solution.

Yes and No. Myofascial-Release is a very slow, deliberate technique. The therapist puts moderate pressure into the area of fascial restriction, then waits. Soon, the piezoelectric response kicks in, and the fascia begins to shift and release. When this happens, there are several sensations people can feel in the area, ranging from a “tingling” sensation to a fairly mild “burn”. Never will the clients feel shooting or excruciating pain. At anytime during the session you feel the therapists needs to lighten the pressure, you need only say “stop” and the therapist will stop immediately. You will never be asked to sustain more pressure than you are able.

The mechanics of myofascial-release will cause an inflammatory response in the system. This is not to be confused with other types of aggressive or deep massage, where the client leaves the session feeling like they “got hit by a truck”. The soreness from MFR is similar to the soreness you may have experienced after working out too hard. Soreness is the body’s response to change. Ironically – unlike other forms of deep massage, the cure for this soreness is to get more MFR! Subsequent sessions will break up remaining fascial restrictions, and the inflammation will quickly subside.

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